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Some of the best garden edging that can be found is bespoke, and not made from ready made edging products. They can be build from basic garden materials such as timber battens, timber sleepers (of which there are many sorts), and a simple gravel border edging. This page is designed so that you can see the array of readily available garden and lawn edging construction materials that you have at your disposal. We have also created the odd article and how-to’s for creating your own edging.

Here’s a list of garden materials that you have at your disposal, and remember to check out our other pages for advice and guidance:


garden materials timber edging products

  • Timber, which comes in the following forms:
    • Timber Railway Sleepers – Typically 100 x 200 mm cross section and 1.2, 2.4 or 3.6m long. The come in mostly pine or oak wood types and in different forms, such as sawn, reclaimed, and just the top and bottom sawn leaving rounded sides.
    • Timber Edging Boards – As a garden material, timber boards are very versatile and have many uses. When it comes to garden edging, they are typically used at the sides of path to hold in the path material, such as gravel. Typical timber edging sizes for the purpose of gravel path edging are 22x100mm or 38x150mm, and is made from pressure treated timber, usually pine.

garden materials wood screws

  • Screws, nail and brackets – Choosing the right way to fix your garden materials together can make the difference between an easily constructed garden edging, to one that takes much longer than it needs to and doesn’t last too long. When choosing screws to fix your garden materials for use as garden edging, be sure to pay a few pounds more for the better quality screws, such as a brand called Spax. As a tip, with the better brands of screw manufacturers, you usually get a new, high quality cross-head drill bit with every pack of screws.


  • garden materials gravel edgingGravel – Which comes in many colours shapes and sizes. Gravel is usually used to infill paths or driveways, but can also be used to provide gravel edging to paths, patios, driveways and lawns.
  • Stones and Rocks – Larger stones are usually placed in position around borders and can be installed quickly. Stones as a garden material are a fantastic tool to quickly make a garden edging look great. A variety of types of stone are available to use as a garden edging, such as sandstone or granite edging.


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