Lawn Edging Products to use for your garden

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We have many types for you to pick and choose from, including low level picket fences and lighted edging.

What we would consider as an lawn edging tends to be premade garden edging items that come off the shelf ready to install. they are purpose built to use as edging and don’t require modification, other than to install the lawn edging product in place. This page is designed so that you can see the array of readily available garden and lawn edging products that you have at your disposal. We have also created the odd article and how-to’s for installation and preparing the ground for the different types of lawn edging.

Here’s a list of lawn edging products that you have at your disposal, and remember to check out our other pages for advice and guidance:

plastic lawn edgingPlastic lawn edging – These come in a vast array of types, colours and sizes. The best way to view the types is by browsing our store above. Be weary, cheaper varieties of plastic lawn edging products can be difficult to install and cheaply made, resulting in a reduced life. Be sure to check out the reviews to see what others are saying.

imitation lawn edging

Imitation lawn edging – The mostly imitate a brick effect lawn edging product and in many cases, can look pretty realistic. The variety of lawn edging products they are designed to imitate includes bricks, wooden planks, slate and concrete tiles, slab edges and stone walls.



picket fence lawn edging

Picket Fence Lawn Edging Product – For a low-level (about a foot high) garden edging, a small picket fence can be a very attractive solution. Typically painted in white, and made from timber, they can give your garden a fresh look. Their height presents a double advantage to dog owner, as they can be an attractive means by which the homeowner can prevent their dog from digging up the roses!


roll lawn edging Rolled timber lawn edging – For a quick solution that a takes little time and effort to install, these rolled timber boards are fixed together with twin metal wires nail to their rear sides, so the whole roll can be rolled out and the gaps between each are always maintained. Due to their cheap materials and easy manufacturing, these will always be a cheap option for you.



willow lawn edgingBamboo and Willow Lawn Edging – As above, these come pre-rolled and can be laid out to give a simple and easy solution to edging your garden. Like the picket fencing types of lawn edging mentioned above, the height of these can form a barrier to prevent your dog or rabbit from ruining your roses! Be weary of the willows fragility, as it will easily snap and become jagged over time.


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