Below is a list of the most frequently asked lawn edging questions (faq) we get from our customers.

Question: How long does it take for delivery?

Answer: Any product you buy on this site is from the Amazon.co.uk website and any delivery times are set by them and other people who sell their products on Amazon.

Question: How much does it cost for delivery?

Answer: This site is a platform for products that are featured on Amazon.co.uk and you will be redirected to Amaon.co.uk when you come to pay for your garden edging products. As such, delivery information can be found when you are redirected to Amazon.co.uk and you will also get the opportunity to browse for a similar products within Amazon.co.uk before making any payment.

Question: Where do my products come from?

Answer: Although you can add items to your basket on this site, you will be redirected to Amazon.co.uk when it comes to making your payment. All the products that are featured on this site are from sellers within the Amazon.co.uk. We do not hold any stock of Lawn Edging products.

Question: Do I pay more if I use your site?

Answer: No. All the items that are featured on this site are the same price you would pay as if your were buying straight from Amazon.co.uk.

Question: How do I complain about the products I have purchased through this site?

Answer: When it comes to paying for your product, you will be redirected to Amazon.co.uk. This means you get the peace of mind of purchasing your items through Amazon.co.uk and it’s sellers. Any complaints products related queries should be raised through Amazon.co.uk’s own process.

Question: How do I find your contact details?

Answer: If any of the questions above don’t answer your queries, then please do get in touch. You can do this by emailing us on info@lawnedgingguide.co.uk or by leaving a comment on any of our pages.



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