Natural Stone Edging

With natural stone as an edging, you can be really adventurous as there are many choices out there. What's more, you are not limited to prepackaged products that come with their own restrictions. We have a selection of great suppliers of stone products.

One of the main benefits of using stone as an edging, is their durability. If bedded correctly, such as a weak concrete mix, they can last decades. You don't have to bed them in concrete, they can be placed directly in the ground for quick results.

Natural stone edging can be used in all areas, for your driveway, path, patio or more commonly to line the edge of your lawn or flower bed. You can have them flush with the lawn, which makes mowing along the edge much easier, or you can have them upstand out the ground, for a more obvious appearance, great if you want to show the stone off.

You're not limited to large stones that are fixed in place, loose gravel can make an attractive border and can be a cheap and quick solution. Loose gravel comes in many shapes, sizes and colours and can be a perfect solution to edged that gap between your drive an the fence.

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