Lawn Edging Ideas

Lawn and Garden Edging Ideas and Inspiration

Garden edging comes in many varieties, shapes, colours, materials etc. They can be built from raw garden materials such as timber battens to ready made edging products, from plastic strips to imitation walls, the choice of edging solution is endless. This site is not only a home to hundreds of easily searchable edging products for you to choose from, but it's also got plenty of edging ideas and inspiration too. 

You may already have a good idea of the type and style of lawn edging that you'd like, but you're not sure how to install or build it. This site provides some good information on techniques and tips to make sure your edging is installed properly.

At Lawn Edging Guide we have also looked into the tools that you'll need to build your garden edging project. We have the odd article on choosing the right lawn edging tool for the job, and how to use the tools correctly.

Here's a brief rundown of the types of edging garden materials and products that you have at your disposal, and remember to check out our other pages for advice and guidance by using the drop down menu at the top:

garden edging advice

We have spent the time to provide you with a complete range of guidance, how-to's, tips and tricks and advice, so be sure to check it all out. Our guidance contains easy to understand articles, complete with diagrams and pictures to help you understand more about garden edging.

We have sourced hundreds of products that you can use for your garden edging project, including off the shelf edging products to basic materials, such as wood and stone, to help you come to a decision and purchase easily. Use our powerful search bar to find the exact product you are after. Alternatively, click to be taken to our Lawn Edging Products page

garden edging help
garden edging maintenance

Read up on our articles on edging maintenance guides, including what considerations you need to make to help you choose the right garden edging. Tips on how to keep your garden edging looking great for as long as possible.

Browse the array of tools we have carefully chosen to help you complete your edging project. We also feature tools that you will need for future maintenance so you can get the most from your lawn and garden edging products.

garden edging tools
garden edging materials

We also feature a garden materials section, where we feature the key materials and fixings you'll need to complete the edging project. Be sure to check out the guidance we have to offer when it comes to creating bespoke lawn edging. Click to be taken to our garden edging materials page.

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