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At Lawn Edging Guide we like to have a little fun. When we scour the internet to find you the best products possible, we occasionally come across some unique edging ideas that we feel obliged to share. Have a look below and you never know, you might just find some edging ideas that work for you.

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This one is probably best suited to university students but don’t let the picture hold back their potential. Bottles can look good in a garden provided they are kept clean and bedded properly. Many architects are experimenting with this idea with some great results. By introducing a little well placed lighting in and around the bottles, you can have a pretty unique garden.

If you don’t fancy drinking your way through hundreds of wine bottles just to make your garden look pretty, you can purchase empty green ones here, or some clear ones here. Alternatively, if you did decide to drink your way to a bottle edged garden, you can buy paracetamol here.

Glow in the dark garden! whatever next.

We actually quite like this one, that’s why we’ve featured it as a product we’d recommend. You don’t have to go the whole way, as they have above, but try just the one pack and spread them throughout your gravel border for a more subtle look. Christmas and Halloween are a reasons to decorate your front lawn, and these could make your house stand out from the rest. Click on the image or here to find out more.




Bottles from left Corey & Cdanna | Glow from Amazon


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