Plastic Edging

Plastic edging can be surprisingly attractive. Many are designed to be as hidden as possible. They can be a very cheap alternative to some of the other choices and be easy to install. The durability of these products vary, so be sure to check out their reviews.

Metal Edging

Metal edging varies tremendously, from low level wrought iron fences that appeal to both old and modern gardens, to metal border strips for the more contemporary look. The low level fences can easily be installed, usually requiring them to be spiked into the ground and help together with links. There are many different styles out […]

Manufactured Stone Edging

We call these products “manufactured stone edging” because they are designed to give the impression that they are made from stone. In fact, they could be made from any material, usually plastic or reconstituted stone. Reconstituted stone is formed from a mould and a mix of broken down stones and cement. The result is a […]

Unique Edging Ideas

At Lawn Edging Guide we like to have a little fun. When we scour the internet to find you the best products possible, we occasionally come across some unique edging ideas¬†that we feel obliged to share. Have a look below and you never know, you might just find some edging ideas that work for you. […]

Manufactured Edging

Manufactured edging can include a whole range of products. Made from metal, plastics, stone or concrete, there is sure to be a manufactured product out there that’s right for you. At The Lawn Edging Guide, we want to help you make the right choice. The sheer variety of available products means you have to keep […]

Timber Edging

Timber lawn edging can be found everywhere, and are quite common. A walk along a remote footpath or through a park and you’ll come across some form of timber edging. You’ll also notice that they are almost always rotten or split, this is because they typically last 5 to 10 years. In areas where foot […]

Natural Stone Edging

With natural stone as an edging, you can be really adventurous as there are many choices out there. What’s more, you are not limited to prepackaged products that come with their own restrictions. We have a selection of great suppliers of stone products. One of the main benefits of using stone as an edging, is […]