Website Up and running

Website Up and Running

Dear readers,
We would like to proudly announce the launch of our new Lawn Edging Guide website. It’s still in its infancy but over the coming months we aim to build on it to include lots of handy tips and tricks when it comes to choosing and installing your new edging. Keep checking back often or subscribe on our contacts page to hear of the latest developments.

Stuck of ideas? Is your edging in a rut? Check out our ideas page for some inspiration

We aim to offer a load of advice on lawn edging materials, types, styles and much much more, so much stuff we’ll constantly be updating the site. We will help you make informed decisions on your edging of choice, plus offer outlets to purchase one that you might like.

This website also features the ability for anyone to post a comment. Over time, this will enrich the experience of our future users by providing some quality feedback that they can rely on. If you want to search for something, simply type it in in the search box to the top right.

Instead of just offering advice on lawn edging products, we want to help you to find where you can purchase them. By doing so, we are members of a number of affiliate programs, specifically chosen to enrich the content on our website for your convenience.

If you want to keep in touch with developments, feel free to contact us on

All the best

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